Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Events conspire against us

"No battle plan survives contact with the enemy," if you believe Von Moltke, and there's certainly nothing like the real world to get in the way of your plans. At the start of the year I decided that from now on I wanted start a new painting project until I had finished the last. That discipline was enough to get my Chaos Dwarf army painted, but it seems to be collapsing or at least compromised in the face of events.

By now I should have finished Aiko and Gorilla for Bushido. Getting my temple models up to date was my next goal, after some time spent focusing on individual models I was going to go back to units, possibly with Kings of War or Clash of Empires (I still have a lot of plastic Normans and Saxons to paint).

It's not my fault that Games Workshop chose now to wind up Specialist games, prompting a last desperate rush of orders so that I got as many models as I could while they were still gettable. It's hardly surprising in the face of all this Epic stuff that my mind has been wandering and I have been using up valuable painting time in a frantic sessions of gluing and sorting. My armies were in disarray, I needed to know what I had so that I knew what to glue. It's not entirely my fault.

I am justifying this on the grounds that gluing isn't painting and so I haven't, technically, broken my rule. I can will get back to Aiko soon and my project will not have been interrupted. Unfortunately, soon is proving to be an increasingly elastic concept. Just Ork fighter-bombers and a Warlock Titan to go, I promise. All rogue thoughts of scratch building a Lord of Battle for a Daemon World army will be put aside, at least until Bushido is done. Definitely. I'm almost certain of it.

Events conspire in other ways to mess with our plans. Okay, I knew that having Salute at the end of one month and the UK Games Expo at the end of the next was going to be financially punishing, but I didn't know Mantic would launch its most interesting Kickstarter and that Games Workshop would try to do away with Specialist games in the same month. I can't put these expenses off, its now or never on all of them.

It helps to remind myself that these things are transitory. After a couple of years of barely thinking about Epic, I have suddenly gone obsessive, a bit like Inquisitor a few months back. Before long something else will distract me. This is why I set goals for myself in the first place, so that I might actually get something finished in the face of increasing lethargy. I will get back to Bushido soon, almost definitely.

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