Saturday, 4 April 2009

Inaugural Post

Welcome to my new blog about wargames, miniatures and other random things that I feel like posting from time to time.

My primary intention for this blog is that it be a record of my progress in the various wargaming/ miniature painting/ collecting projects that constitute my hobbies. I'm planning to post progress reports on miniature painting, army building and a few wargame show and game reports as and when I get the chance.

Of course this whole thing could just be a colossal exercise in narcissism which I am essentially posting to myself. Oddly, this doesn't really matter, because the purpose of a blog of this kind isn't strictly tied into the idea of it being read, but rather that it provides a focus for activity.

For example, I spent a number of years painting models for Games Workshops annual painting competition/ games event the Golden Demon. Now, I am no great painter by any stretch. My usual goal for my models is this that they look decent laid on a gaming table, but I entered the competition anyway because it gave me a goal to strive towards and a project to complete by a set date. I never expected to win, but I always intended to better myself.

My intention with this blog is similar. Even if no-one reads it but me, it still gives me a focus and a goal. Rather than letting models sit unpainted (or worse unassembled) or games unplayed, I can concentrate on coming up with new content for the blog.

At least that's my excuse, could be that I just like the sound of my own typing.

Anyway, if you're out there, read on and I will try to make it worth your while.

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