Friday, 6 March 2015

Bushido Game 2 - Prison Break

Following on from my previous post here is the follow up, the second game in my Bushido mini-campaign. The first game didn't allow peasants or Bakemono, this one excluded monks and oni.

The first scenario saw the monks investigate the apparently deserted Shimoda village, but while this was going on the surviving villagers were being held prisoner by the Bakemono. But the villagers weren't sitting around doing nothing. Assisted by the fox spirit Kitsune and a minor Kami, they were planning an escape attempt.

If you're interested, the scenario can be found here.

The Battlefield: the Bakemono's foul lair, a dismal cave filled with twisted plants and stagnant pools.
Deployment, the villagers are held in the centre, surrounded by Bakemono waiting to pounce.
The minor Kami summons a wind to blow away a Bakemono archer.
Kitsune, Kintaru and a rice farmer attack the Bakemono, giving the others a chance to get away.
But Tra-Peng stabs Kitsune from behind, taking her out in one round and costing the Temple their highest cost character.
With Kitsune defeated, the remaining peasants are looking badly outnumbered.
Kintaru and the Rice Farmer are quickly defeated and the Bakemono pursue the remaining peasants.
Pushed into a corner, the remaining villagers hold out long enough to scrape a draw.

The villagers started the battle well, taking out two Bakemono, but the sudden loss of Kistune swung the game for the Bakemono, who quickly summoned reinforcements. The Bakemono held the far corner for the whole game, but fisher girl quickly did the same for the opposite corner. Despite being pursued right into the corner, the Bakemono couldn't finish off enough villagers to capture the other corner and so the game ended as a no-score draw.

Playing with only Peasants was really interesting. I had to make heavy use of buffs and Hisao was invaluable at boosting peasants combat value and using his command ability to give the Temple multiple activations.

I will post the details of game 3 when I get the chance to write the scenario and play it.


  1. Where did you get the scenery from? Particularly the jetty.

  2. The Swamps and rocks are from Gale Force 9's "Battle Field in a Box" range. The trees are from Games Workshop's plastic wood set and the Jetty is Games Workshop's Goblin Town from it's Hobbit range.