Thursday, 30 January 2014

Just no

In my last post I wrote about the disconnect between what Games Workshop and its customers.

I think this proves my point.

I can just about accept that there might be a market for a big book of Games Workshop photos, though it is a bit redundant in a world where the Internet exists, but every month? For £7.50?


  1. Hmm. Warhammer Visions seems to be a lot of recycled miniatures porn. More pictures of tyranids? For gawds sake...

    I might give the weekly WD a spin though...

    Cheers for the link.

  2. I'd say they are just slowly converting to all digital like WotC did with Dragon and Dungeon magazines. I don't think their circulation is as large as it once was but probably with almost no production cost it pays off well. I like the weekly, and my friend will like the Visions, but without a subscription and my closest game store about 10 bucks in gas away it isn't something I'll get soon :)