Monday 1 January 2018

The Past and the Future

Another year ended, which is as good a time as any to reflect on what I've been doing for the last 365 days and what I plan to do with the next.

 Everything I painted in 2017

Overall, this year has been pretty much like the last. Steady progress, one project following another. I finished my Beyond the Gates of Antares project back in May and took some time out to build my Dwarf Brewery and try it out in a quick game.

 Brewery Battle

Games Workshop have had a pretty good year, putting out lots of new games, many of which have seen them exploring new territory. The end of their relationship with Fantasy Flight games seems to have done them some good as Shadespire feels like the sort of game that Fantasy Flight would have produced using GW IP. Now Games Workshop are doing it themselves. The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 seems to have gone down well and, while I still have no interest in Age of Sigmar, it seems to have brought a lot of new energy to their Fantasy setting.

For me, the big Games Workshop development was Shadow War: Armageddon, which gave me a great opportunity to dig out and paint some neglected old models. My campaign is now properly underway and should keep me busy for a while. I have a couple of models to add to my existing Kill Teams, but then I plan to start on a new painting project to keep me busy while my gaming focuses on Shadow War.

I haven't bought a lot of new models this year, but have added a few extras to Beyond the Gates of Antares. My last painted models of the year were bought at Warlord Games Open day in October. A Ghar Bombardment Crawler and a Concord Drone Commander. Most of my other recent acquisitions have been for BTGOA. I have been slowly accumulating Boromites, none of which are painted yet and grabbed the Algoryn starter army in the Warlord Christmas sale.

 Concord Drone Commander

Ghar Bombardment Crawler

However, my next project is something entirely different. I don't normally announce projects in advance, but I'm going to this time because I hope it will keep me focused. I've been sitting on a bunch of unassembled English Civil War models for years and, thanks to Osprey's Pikeman's Lament rules, that support medium level skirmish gaming for this period, I'm finally going to get on and paint some.

So the plan for next year, more of the same. Stick to one project at a time, balance painting and gaming and don't buy a lot of unnecessary new stuff. I hope what audience I have will stick around to see how I get on. See you in 2018.