Thursday 9 July 2015

Possibly flatly contradicting myself

Over the past few days I have read a few posts on forums from people trying out Age of Sigmar and the consensus seems to be that it's actually quite fun, if a bit rough around the edges.

Then I read this post on the Too Much Lead blog which suggests that Games Workshop intend to keep the rules permanently free and to never introduce point values. Both of which come across as quite daring and interesting manoeuvres. And that GW really want this to work and are interested in feedback.

Looking over the free "War Scrolls" for the existing Warhammer armies it also looks like pretty much everything I own does have rules and I wouldn't have to do any real re-organising of my armies (I might cut down the size of some units a bit, but that's all).

So if the rules are actually reasonably fun and very open to customisation, and I don't need to buy any new models, why not give it a go? I  have no interest in the Age of Sigmar background with its Realms, its Eternals, its Orruks and its Aelfs, but who cares? As far as the rules are concerned it doesn't matter where the game is set.

And, if I don't have to revise my armies, then it may prove complementary to Warhammer 8th edition and I can keep playing both.

I'm still more interested in Dragon Rampant, mind you.

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