Monday 17 June 2013

Something of a status update

The problem with my 'don't start a new project until you finish the current one' policy is that if I start a project I'm not really enjoying, I find myself making excuses not to do it and so nothing gets done. It probably doesn't help that I extended my policy to things other than wargaming and painting and the thing I am supposed to be doing takes a lot of focus. Painting is a great 'after work' activity, because I can move my laptop to my hobby room, fire up a DVD or BBC IPlayer and get on with an activity that doesn't demand a lot of deep thinking.

My current project (of which more if I ever manage to get anything done), requires a lot more focus, a fair bit of reading and background noise is a distraction. It feels like more work after work. And so I keep finding other things to do instead,

Not that I don't have other things to do. My hobby room has acquired a new book case, thanks to the generosity of a friend of my Mother, who recently moved to a smaller home. I managed to get it shifted into my hobby room at the weekend, but to do it, had to clear everything from one side of the room and I'm still in the process of putting it back. It didn't help that a lot of the stuff I moved was still in its packaging, which prompted a mass opening session on Saturday evening. But, until I get finished, my Hobby room table is inaccessible and that isn't conducive to getting anything done.

I'm pretty happy with the bookcase though. My hobby room has essentially been a work in progress since I managed to annex the space. It started out as, essentially, a large cupboard before evolving into somewhere were I could occasionally squeeze in a game if I shoved everything to the side of the room. The breakthrough came when I moved my gaming tables into the middle of the room, which gave me a playing space while allowing me to store a bunch of stuff underneath them.

Unfortunately, stuff tends to expend to the limit of its environment and now my gaming tables have stuff on top as well as underneath. Which means I have to do some serious clearing and sorting, which further means my project gets put off.

The biggest problem with wargaming as a hobby is the amount of work you have to put in before you get to the part that's actually fun.

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